Dreampod Flotation Tank

Please see more screenshots of the Dreampod and its control panel.

The Dreampod is a stunning full isolation tank which allows its users to attain a deep state of relaxation. Also referred to as a flotation tank, the user “floats” on a solution of body temperature salt water inside a sound insulated enclosure.

The Interior features soothing multi color LED lighting and music via embedded speakers. Between uses, the Dreampod will keep itself at a predefined temperature and also ensure water hygiene by automatic filtering and applying UV rays and dosing chlorine and or hydrogen peroxide. All critical electronics components are designed for 24/7 continuous operation in a warm and humid environment.

The electrical system is controlled via a platform independent control panel software that is easily integrated into most customers existing network infrastructure. The Dreampod is designed for the Beauty & Spa Industry and “Flotation” is a growing niche market in its own rights.