8 Channel Industrial Relayboard

8 Channel Industrial Relayboard


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Professionally designed Relay board with 8 individual controllable Relays. The first 2 Relays can control devices rated up to 20A, the last 6 Relays are rated for 10A. In addition it features 5 digital Inputs suitable to read buttons or other digital sensors. This is perfect for your next home automation project.

This Relay board features an extra push Button and a connector for an optional DS18B20 digital temperature probe.

The Relay board is easily controlled via your Laptop or PC, Raspberry PI or other embedded device via RS232 commands. A full description of commands is included in the Documentation.

Advanced Users can re-program this board using C  to create required functionality via exposed ICSP connector (Microchip PIC based MCU).

This Product comes in a cardboard box. Included are PCBA, RS232 -> USB Cable and 12V Power Supply with European plug.

Default firmware functionality:

The default firmware on this Relay board takes commands via a serial connection and switches relays on or off accordingly. Reading a 5V signal on each of its 6 Inputs will also switch the corresponding 1 to 6 relay. Pressing the Button will reset / reboot the firmware. Connecting a DS18B20 temperature sensor to the SENS1 Input will cause the board to report temperature in Celsius every 60 seconds via serial.

The default firmware can be used to implement powerful functionality as is and is displaying the basic functionality of the relay board. Yet it is meant to be extended and adjusted to your exact individual project needs. Contact us for custom firmware programming services for implement firmware of any complexity.

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8 (2x20A, 6x10A)